The DLNA extended interoperability test focuses on the correct DLNA functionality against a range of products available at the consumer.  For the selection of DLNA products Testronic will take into account the  availability of the product product to the consumer; popularity and usage by the consumer; support of media format profiles giving an optimized match for all DLNA features and operations supported by you product.

During the testing Testronic will validate:

  • Correct discovery in the home network
  • Correct Browse behavior
  • Proper playback of the media format profiles defined by DLNA and media format profiles out scope of the DLNA defined formats but widely available to the consumer
  • Proper functionality of supported operations like Stop; Pause/ Pause Resume; Trickmode and Seek

More test cases can be proposed and agreed in co-operation with you. The number of Interoperability products to test upon is open to be selected by you.

For more information on our DLNA Interoperability service, please contact: TLBEcerti@testroniclabs.com