Apart from a great development process, an effective verification process is an essential step for a successful USB development. In this verification process, it is not only important to verify your design versus the USB specification (*), but it is also vital to know how your design interoperates in a real user scenario. Knowing this can actually save you time and money (For example there are products that do not enumerate on certain Hub or Host controllers) .

That is why Testronic Labs offers an “Extended Gold suite IOP test” that goes beyond the interoperability test of the USB-IF Certification program. The “Extended Gold suite IOP test” will provide you with an insight of possible compatibility, functionality and interoperability issues prior to releasing the product on the market. You will have a better understanding of what the flaws of your design are, where the flaws originate, how your devices will perform on the market and whether they will be a hit or not.

The objective of the “Extended Gold suite IOP test” is to check USB interoperability issues, focussing on the USB behaviour of the device on a range of different USB configurations. The tests are based on generic test plans and do not focus on the in-depth functionality and interoperability of the device. This approach is offered in the USB IOP tests that Testronic Labs can also perform.

As an example for the extended Gold Suite IOP test our test engineers check correct Enumeration and driver installation of the product; correct operation of the product with different operating systems and host controllers.  Does your product behave correctly after a cold or warm boot of the PC Host system. Are suspend states correctly handled. The test plan can be developed or extended following your personal needs.

These configurations are specific set-ups of computers with different combinations of hardware and operating systems.

Testing can be performed on various configurations:

Different systems

Desktop and laptop PC and Mac systems.

Multiple Operating Systems

Windows XP (SP1; SP2; SP3); Windows Vista (Home Premium; Ultimate; Business, …); Windows 7 (Home Premium; Home Premium N, Professional, …); Windows 8

Mac0S X (Snow Leopard; Leopard; Tiger; …)

Linux OS (when supported)

Different host controllers

xHCI, EHCI, UHCI and OHCI. From different brands: Intel, Via, Ali, Opti, Compaq, NEC, SIS.

Interoperability testing with different hubs and other USB devices with all different transfer-types.

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