RF Frontend Measurements



Included in the DVB-C Frontend Measurements is the characterization of the RF IN and RF OUT (RF Bypass) for the RF receiver

If the DVB-C Frontend values are not defined by the vendor, the Nordig Requirements and Test Specification will be used.

Testronic also gives the possibility to perform the RF Frontend measurement using vendor specific requirements. Even when the vendor specific requirements are less strict than Nordig we will test against the vendor specific value.

If the RF receiver cannot report BER values there is a possibility to measure BER via external access to the data/clock after the decoder. If this option is also not available no BER tests can be done and Testronic will validated the RF Frontend sensitivity following the A/V video being captured from a video output on the DUT.

For the Modulation schemes test Testronic will perform a full test on the 64QAM/256QAM and a subset on the 16QAM/128QAM.

For more information, please contact: TLBEcerti@testroniclabs.com