USB Certification

USB-SS-RGB-for dark-1008 USB-HS-RGB-1008 USB-RGB-1008 otg_usb Hi-SpeedOTGUSB expresscardlogo-hi

Testronic has been involved in the USB technology since 1997 and was the first test lab in the World to get certified.

This service is the equivalent of the official USB-IF Compliance Workshop. When a USB product succeeds in this “USB-IF” test program, Testronic will put it on the official “USB Integrator’s List” at ! This list contains a list of USB products that have successfully passed Checklists, Compliance Testing and Demonstrated Operation of the USB-IF Compliance Program.

Testronic offers the USB-IF Compliance logo program for the following products:

Wired Product Full/Low  Speed High Speed Super Speed
Peripheral (Device) checkgreen checkgreen checkgreen
Peripheral Silicon checkgreen checkgreen checkgreen
Hubs (with or without compound devices) checkgreen checkgreen checkgreen
Hubs Silicon (with or without compound devices) checkgreen checkgreen
System checkgreen checkgreen
System Silicon checkgreen
Embedded Host checkgreen checkgreen
OTG checkgreen checkgreen
OTG Silicon checkgreen checkgreen
BC 1.2 Battery Charging checkgreen checkgreen checkgreen
ExpressCard (USB or PCIe) checkgreen checkgreen checkgreen


Wireless Product
Native Device checkgreen
Device Wire Adapter checkgreen
Host Adpters WHCI or  HWA checkgreen

It’s also possible to run the USB-IF Compliance tests without the submission of the testing results to USB.ORG or test only a section of the test requirement like the electrical validation only.


USB Battery charging 

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Why Testroniclabs?

– You do not have to attend testing. However, if you wish you can attend the test without any extra charges.
– If our test engineer encounters certain problems, you will be contacted right away and the project is put on hold upon your request . This does not imply that everything needs to be re-tested (in certain cases). This gives you the opportunity to fix the problem and send the fixed devices, or you can come over and fix the problem in our labs without extra costs.
– Above the Certification report, we provide you with the Ch8ck result. Ch8ck (Chapter 8 check) is a test tool developed by Testronic Labs and gives you more in depth testing results without extra charges.
– Questions before, during or after the project will be answered by phone or mail without any extra costs; the questions are related to the USB-IF compliance program.
– We do not require pre-payment of the project. If we have a purchase order and the products, we can start testing within days. You will not get an invoice unless the project is finished.
– The leadtime of a certification project is usually less than one week. Factors that may influence this lead time are encountered problems, communication with the USB-IF regarding certain problems, …
– High degree of confidentiality : Your product will be handled in with great care of confidentiality. As an independent testing centre we regard your product’s confidentiality with the highest priority.
– Consulting : Our dedicated engineering department is pleased to assist you during the development of your product. With the USB test-tools developed by our engineers, we are able to analyze occurring problems and provide you with additional information. Their extensive experience is at your disposal.
– Competitive pricing and volume discount.

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