Qi Interoperability Testing


Qi, the wireless power standard, allows products to charge wirelessly. All products that implement Qi work together seamlessly, independent of manufacturer or brand.

The Wireless Power Consortium (WPC) recognized Testronic as the exclusive Qi Interoperability Lab worldwide. A product being submitted for Qi Certification will receive a final check on interoperability at Testronic’s Belgium facility. The WPC incorporates for over than 200 members, including the big Smartphone manufacturers as well as automotive manufacturers. For more information about the WPC, please click here.

When a Qi product has passed part 3 compliance tests, it should be interoperable with other Qi products. In order to be eliminate any possibility of Qi products not working together, the Consortium mandates interoperability testing with ALL previously certified products before the certificate is issued. The Consortium has assigned Testronic Labs as the single testing center to do this work. Therefore Testronic Labs maintains a library of ALL certified products for that purpose. Prior to this service the product must undergo official compliance testing conducted by a Qi Authorized Test Lab or ATL. For more information about the different ATL’s, please click here.


Check our our Qi pre-certification testing service in order to prepare yourself for Official Qi certification.

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