Ethernet Compliance



Ethernet is widely spread in the industry and with the rapid adoption in the industry, you as developer needs to have a rapid solution in designing and verifying the physical layer of Ethernet devices. Testronic is able to help you in this effort and will improve efficiency and confidence in your Ethernet design.

Testronic is able to performed the PHY validation of:

  • 1000 BASE-T
  • 100 BASE-T
  • 10 BASE-T



Following tests will be performed for 1000BaseT: Template,  Peak Voltage, Droop, Jitter, Distortion, CM Voltage, Return Loss


Following tests will be performed for 1000BaseT:  AOI Template, Output Voltage (+Vout), Output Voltage (-Vout), Amplitude Symmetry, Overshoot, Rise Fall Time, Transmit Jitter, Distortion (Duty cycle), Return Loss


Following tests will be performed for 100BaseT: Link Pulse Timing, MAU Integrated, Differential Voltage, Common-mode output Voltage, Harmonic, Jitter, Return Loss                                      

Ethernet mask

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