MIPI Compliance

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MIPI (Mobile Industry Processor Interface) is an open membership organization that develops interface specifications for mobile and mobile-related industries. The aim of the MIPI® Alliance is to establish standards for hardware and software interfaces in mobile devices to benefit the entire mobile industry/community and its customers.


Conformance Test services

Testronic, as a MIPI Contributor member offers experienced test services for MIPI.d-phy_elec Our serial data lab enables us to measure most of the physical MIPI interfaces, along with a Agilent Technologies U4421A which enables us to capture and analyze both CSI-2 and DSI protocol traffic.

Testronic covers Physical Layer testing for:

Physical Layer Transmitter Receiver
D-PHY checkgreen checkgreen
M-PHY checkgreen checkgreen
C-PHY checkgreen checkgreen

And protocol testing for:

Protocol Layer Transmitter Receiver
CSI-2 checkgreen checkgreen
DSI checkgreen checkgreen

The conformance will be tested using the latest conformance plans defined by the MIPI alliance.
When Requested, Testronic can also offer vendor specific testing allowing out of CTS MIPI validation testing.All this helping you to optimize QA in the development cycle or final release of your product.

For more information about MIPI please visit: www.mipi.org or contact mipi@testroniclabs.com