HTC Connect Certification

htc connect

The HTC Connect™ Program launched by HTC and designed to determine if products have implemented the features necessary to comply with the HTC Connect Test Specifications.  The HTC Connect™ Certification program is developed and verified to work with HTC handsets. Consumers can expect seamless end-to-end connectivity experience with HTC Connect™ certified 3rd party electronics.

The HTC Connect Program improves the connectivity between your HTC phone and HTC Connect™-enabled consumer electronic devices or accessories. HTC Connect™ stands for high-quality wireless audio, video and photo streaming through an HTC smartphone to the electronics around your home and in your car.

As an HTC Connect™ authorized certification lab, Testronic can help you qualify for the HTC Connect™ certified logo.

HTC Connect™ certification testing comprises:

  • Funtionality testing against the reference handsets

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