DLNA & VidiPath Certification


The Digital Living Network Alliance recognized Testronic Labs as “Independent Certifiction Vendor” (ICV) in the EMEA region.

The DLNA Certification and Logo Program is designed to ensure that DLNA CERTIFIED products have implemented the features necessary to comply with the DLNA Design Guidelines, and that they will in fact interoperate with other similar devices when connected to those devices in a consumer’s home environment. The DLNA Certification and Logo Program enables member companies to certify their products through a well-defined process described in the DLNA Process v1.0 document. The basic steps that members must follow are outlined below and the applicable DLNA documents are referenced for each phase certification.

DLNA V1.5 Product Certification Coverage 2009 Guidelines

Device Classes: DMP, DMS, M-DMP, M-DMS, DMPr , DMR, DMC, M-DMC Capabilities: +PR1+, +PR2+, +UP+, +DN+, +PU+, Protected Streaming (DTCP/IP) Options: Upload Device Option, Download Support

DLNA V1.5 Product Certification Coverage Mandatory Trick Mode Guidelines


Device Classes: DMP, DMS, M-DMP, M-DMS, DMR

DLNA V1.5 Product Certification Coverage Protected Streaming Mandatory Trick Mode Guidelines

Device Classes: DMP, DMS, M-DMP, M-DMS, DMR

DLNA certification testing comprises:

  • Conformance Test Tool testing ‘CTT’
  • Media Capabilities Verification Tool testing ‘MCVT’
  • Link Protection Test Tool testing ‘LPTT’
  • Auto-IP testing
  • Interoperability testing

VidiPath Product Certification

VidiPath enables consumers to stream their favorite television programs and movies from their local service provider to products built to the VidiPath Guidelines such as televisions, tablets, phones, Blu-ray players, STBs, PCs and game consoles anywhere in the home.  It simply brings your premium content to your in-home consumer product.


In order to deploy subscription TV services to CE devices in the home, service providers needed a mandatory set of features on those devices.  The VidiPath specification describes this required set of features and offers the following solutions:

Protected Streaming “DTCP-IP” – Automatic Protection is negotiated between devices and has been designed to protect content as it moves across the local home network

HTML 5 Remote UI “+RUIHSRC+ and +RUIHPL+” – Deploy the same service provider user interface on all client devices

HTTP Adaptive content delivery “MPEG-DASH” – Delivers the capability to dynamically adapt the live stream to the available bandwidth across the internet and in the home

Diagnostics “+DIAGC+ and +DIAGE+” – Identifies and analyses device- and service-related issues on the home network

Low Power “+LPE+ and +LPC+” – Convey energy management and sleep-mode capabilities

For more information about our DLNA & VidiPath Certification service, please contact: TLBEcerti@testroniclabs.com