Qi Interoperability Pre- Test service


The “Qi Interoperability Pre- Test service” will allow WPC (Wireless Power Consortium) members to test interoperability of their Qi designs against the complete Qi-Certified products. A list of the registered devices can be found here.

With this service, WPC members have the possibility to pretest their design prior to applying for official Qi Certification and increases the chance of passing the official Qi Interoperability Test in a onetime run.

During the “Qi Interoperability Pre- Test service” our test engineers will check the correct wireless charging of the product, correct operation of the Tx or Rx product, in terms of correct placement and orientation which are crucial for proper wireless charging.

Does your product behave correct with complete drained or fully charged battery? Are different placements between Rx/Tx a product correctly handled or does the complete charging cycle stays uninterrupted? Does the Rx fit onto all transmitters or are there limitations due to the design. These end-user situations can all be handled in the Qi Interoperability Pre- Test. The test plan can be developed or extended following your personal needs.

The advantage of the “Qi Interoperability Pre- Test service” is that you don’t have to wait until the final stage of
Qi wireless-charger-colors_small
development for fixes and critical modifications in your Qi implementation. This service will allow you to maintain critical mass-production timelines, which is a bottleneck to most of the WPC members. It will provide you with an insight of possible compatibility, functionality and interoperability issues prior to releasing your product on the market. You will have a better understanding of what the flaws of your design are and/or where the flaws originates.

The “Qi Interoperability Pre- Test service” is an added value in your quality assurance process getting ready for a successful official Qi certification.  For additional information, do not hesitate to contact us at qi@testroniclabs.com


I.        Qi Interoperability testing does not give any guarantee that products are Qi compliant
II.        The Qi pre- test report delivered by Testronic labs may not be used to publicly claim interoperability with the Qi specification