With the increasing importance and presence of feature-rich iDTV’s in the home, many of Testronic clients Operators, System Integrators, CE Device manufacturers, Web Service Companies, Content Owners have an active interest in learning about the interoperability of their services and devices with the iDTV market

Examples are major European Digital Television Operators who would like to assess the HDMI interoperability of their Set-Top Box’s against the iDTV market and discover and hopefully resolve issues prior to the release in the market.

Another example is the content owner assuring compatibility of media assets with the iDTV market.

More examples are internet services or DLNA services in the home, interoperability with USB (mass storage devices; human interrupt device)  and Infrared ‘IR’ router interoperability.

The iDTV Interoperability Program test will provide you with an insight of possible ciplusTVcompatibility, functionality and interoperability issues of your iDTV devices. You will have a better understanding of what the flaws of your design are, where the flaws originate, how your devices will perform on the market and whether they will be a hit or not.

The iDTV Interoperability Program will cover technologies like DLNA; HDMI; USB; Serial-ATA; WiFi; IR; HTML; HTML5; Flash; ….

All the above technologies are currently addressed by Testronic with the relevant certification, conformance and interoperability testing services. Network Operators, System Integrators, CE Device manufacturers, Web Service Companies, Content Owners are all current clients of Testronic Labs.

The iDTV Interoperability Program helps to facilitate interoperability testing between the Third Party Service/ Device stakeholder and the iDTV vendor.

Co-operating with the Major iDTV manufacturers worldwide like Sony; Samsung; Philips; Loewe; Panasonic; Vestel Testronic can make the latest models available for your interoperability test.  The complete overview of iDTV models can be provided upon request.

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