Included in this IOP test are TV-sets of different manufacturers and from different ages.  The IOP tests concentrate on the following items:

  • HDMI Connect test with DUT Default setting
  • DUT Power Cycle test
  • Basic video quality: blocking, artifacts, etc.
  • Video Compatibility/ Different resolution test
  • HDCP verification test (when possible)
  • Audio quality: lip sync (visual check), glitches, etc.
  • Hot Unplug / Plug
  • Power States/ Standby DUT tests
  • Power States/ Standby sink device tests
  • DUT Active State switch sink device test
  • DUT Standby State switch sink device test
  • DUT Passive Standby switch sink device test
  • Change of Audio Output Frequency test. The change of Audio Output Frequency test will be performed for 1 Audio file only per each Audio Codec; this with the focus only on the MPEG1 codec and AC3 codec. Testronic Labs will check the presence of audio over a 1 minute timeframe.

We also include a number of HDMI switches and surround receivers.  In these more complex cases, the DUT is connected with the TV set through a HDMI repeater, with additional tests for the different settings of the repeater. Also here we focus on HDCP problems, video/audio quality and other interoperability issues.

At the moment we can offer this IOP test for a number of different TV-sets; switches and surround receivers following the modules outlined below.  We are always on the process of selecting and purchasing new devices so these numbers will increase in the future.