Certification Business Line

  • Compliance - Validation - Development - Consultancy & Training

Leaders in Quality Assurance, Localization Services, Compliance, and Certification, Testronic offers end-to-end Testing, alpha testing, beta testing and QA solutions for a notable array of industries; including entertainment, media, games, publishing, e-commerce and consumer electronics.

Testronic Certification Business Line was the first lab worldwide being authorized as an independent certification vendor for USB.  The certification test services rapidly expanded to offering certification services for Serial ATA; DLNA; MirrorLink; Qi; HTC Connect; Blu-Ray Disc.  Testronic being uniquely positioned in the EMEA region for most of these technologies. Appart from the certification services Testronic is also  experienced in Serial Data validation services for many technologies e.g. HDMI; Ethernet; MIPI and Interoperability services for USB; HDMI; Qi; IR; Television apps.  Our highly experienced test engineers will handle each customer request case by case and closely co-operating with you outlining the optimized QA testing for your product.

Working with vendors like ST Microelectronics; Sony Mobile, HTC; AwoX; Sharp; B&O; Texas Instruments; Daimler; Ford; Barco; Marvell; …